Poslo is a management and delivery consultancy company. We provide programme and project management services that contribute strategic values to our client goals. We provide complete lifecycle services for effective delivery of project, programme and portfolio risk assurance covering capital delivery for investment and operational purpose.

Client Is King

Our clients are the most important aspect of our business, and we give every client a curated and personal experience. Underpinning our approach is the quality of our people, our passion for driving success for our clients.

Professional Consulting

We provide professional advice gathered from a vast background of experience to our clients. We ensure they get the best advice and service from industry leaders.

Timely Project Delivery

We meet up with our project deadlines in a timely and efficient manner, meeting expectations and leaving no loose ends.

Deep Research Reports

We carry out in-depth and comprehensive research before, during and after our projects, thereby giving us, and our clients, adequate information on the project.

Worldwide Availability

We offer our service to clients in different countries no matter the distance, or language you speak, Poslo will work with you.

Budget Friendly Services

Our stellar services are top notch, professional and highly efficient, but most importantly, budget friendly.


We are as a company committed to working in partnership with all our customers as the only real method of striving for and achieving mutual goals. We endeavour to develop a relationship between our stakeholders for this to be achieved, whilst sufficiently demonstrating that we are capable of achieving our SLA’s and satisfaction can be guaranteed.At Poslo you can always be assured of a high quality product and excellent customer service. We raise the standard when it comes to peace of mind, protection and service.

The commitment to our customers is to always seek feedback through surveys and conventions. With this feedback we proactively work to enhance our services and delivery approach.


Our experience enables us in knowing how to meet requirements while maintaining a discreethigh quality service.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to act as your day-to-day contact and ensure the smooth running of your contract.What truly sets us apart is our approach to what we do. Our goal is not simply to fill vacancies for our clients, but to form a viable collaborative relationship with the client in ensuring that delivery and all performance indicators regarding set goals are achieved and exceeded.


Consistency is at the centre of everything we do at Poslo. We believe adopting a proficient approach towards all our activities provides our stakeholders with trust in delivering the promises of our service level agreements. In upholding this, we employ steadfast quality standard measures in our services and activities to maintain dependable trust onpromptness, honesty and achievements.

We take into account the nature of our engagement and how our services can be provided to the highest standards required in the most cost-effective method. This means surveys are carried out to identify your needs and how demands can be met in the most competent and reliable manner.

Professional Team

We have the experience and resources to provide high quality team of experts that will deliver a team of experienced operational team members who are fully vetted in providing a reliable timely client focused service through ongoing training and development.

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    Poslo is a management and delivery consultancy organisation established in 2017. We provide programme and project management services that contributes strategic values to our client goals.

    Poslo is a trading name of Poslo Limited. Registered in England and Wales under RC no10878354.