Many of our markets can be periodically volatile. As a result of this, price differences often occur between the prices at which a commodity can be bought or sold in different geographic locations or time. As the price discrepancies can be a result of different factors including product quality, they offer us arbitrage opportunities based on our ability to source, transport, store or process the relevant commodities. While these strategies vary from commodity to commodity, the opportunities generally present themselves as:

Geographic Arbitrage

This is the execution of our global production, processing and logistical expertise in sourcing products in one location and delivering or distributing it to another. Geographic arbitrage occurs in the pricing differences for the same products in different regions taking into account transportation and transaction costs.

Product Arbitrage

This is the pricing differences between, grades or types of commodity taking into account the processing costs. It entails securing price differential through the processing or blending or processing of products to produce a commodity that attract better prices than their base constituents.

Time Arbitrage

Pricing differences for the same commodity when delivered immediately or at a future date, taking into account storage and financing costs till future delivery date.

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