Our energy services cover production and marketing activities for coal, oil and gas, as well as related products. The efficiency of our operations is based on our core values of maintaining a controlled and sustainable handling of our operations, with a strategic implementation of our marketing and logistics services.

We trade in crude oil refined products, and natural gas. Our oil products are sourced from a range of suppliers, with extensive influence in oil and gas production contracts.

We also have access to a range of logistics and storage partners, along with our resourceful shipping and transport capabilities.

Our ability to supply from alternative origins ensures competitiveness as a supplier and allows us to meet the specific requirements of customers in their respective destination markets.

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    The company was established in 2017 to serve clients in both the public and private sector as a global commodity production, trading, marketing and distribution firm.

    Poslo. is a trading name of Poslo Limited Registered under RC no. 1418407 in Nigeria and 10878354 in the UK.