Production, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Production, Manufacturing & Supply Chain

At Poslo we understand strategizing toward our client leadership, vision & objectives. We cascade your vision and translate it into delivery objectives, lead the programme to deliver continued business case benefits and outcomes as well as ensure realisation of benefits for customers through planning and overseeing project outputs to meet programme requirements. Our informed approach ensure key benefit results are identified, understood, measured, tracked,and controlled. Strategies are put in place and monitored long term to measure delivery of benefits against our client business case.

Through our performance and control strategies we maintain overall integrity and coherence of the programme and utilise governance framework to support projects as well as plan programme assurance activities.

Collaboratively with our clients, we develop strategic operating and delivery programmes that reflected goals and continued business case justification, managed delivery of operational processes and review resources against scope, quality, budget and change.

Operations on our agricultural lines focus on the marketing activities of grains,seeds, and other dry products as well as meat, fish, and poultry. We possess the ability to offer value added services that when combined with our market knowledge makes us the preferred partner. What we offer is a mixture of strategic vision, operational experience and research to respective clients in ensuring needs are effectively met.


Operations on our agricultural lines focus on the marketing, and trading activities of grains,seeds and other dry products as well as meat, fish, and poultry. Our ability to supply from alternative origins ensures competitiveness as a supplier and allows us to meet the specific requirements of customers in their respective destination markets.

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    Poslo is a management and delivery consultancy organisation established in 2017. We provide programme and project management services that contributes strategic values to our client goals.

    Poslo is a trading name of Poslo Limited. Registered in England and Wales under RC no10878354.