Our Services

Poslo is a leading integrated commodity producer, marketer, distributor and trader. Our peculiar business model covers diverse products, activities and locations all along the commodity chain. The company functions within numerous commodity lines ranging from energy commodities to metals & minerals and agricultural products, whilst also providing allied marketing and logistics activities.

We trade in and distribute physical commodities sourced from third party producers as well as our own production. We also provide financing, processing, storage, logistics and other services to commodity producers and consumers. Our distribution services enable us to drive a trade method that facilitates our clients and partners in reaching out to a wider and extensive audience plus meet their demands.

In our operations both locally and internationally, we continue in striving to remain committed to commodities that facilitates towards the sustenance of life ecologically and environmentally.

Quality Assurance

Poslo recognizes the importance of its future by adopting a strategy which bases the development of its business on the pursuit of quality throughout the organisation.

Our objective is to supply quality products or services that our client will be delighted with. To achieve this, we are continuously improving and updating our management procedures and quality systems.

The company’s staffs take great care in operating and delivering products to client in accordance with our service level agreement (SLA) which is agreed by both parties prior to any business being conducted. We affiliate ourselves in being regulated and inspected by the relevant licensing and accreditation agencies. Our staffs receive trainings in the handling and transportation of products in accordance with regulations. Training is conducted on site as this improves and maintain competency levels of operatives that we employ and also make daily management and supervision of operatives more effective. This we feel is critical to ensuring close management direction and supervision to the delivery of products, therefore improving and maintaining the highest standard of service provided.

This commitment to quality is based on the principle that the effective and consistent implementation of operational systems, which reflect client and business requirements, will result in the continual satisfaction of client needs through the provision of a consistent service.

The company’s goal is to achieve client satisfaction through the delivery of agreed client requirements, and the continual improvement of the company’s operational systems.

The goal of continual improvement will be managed by reviewing the operational systems, setting objectives for areas of improvement, which will then be regularly reviewed and revised.

The requirements of this policy will apply to all personnel who affect the quality of the service provided by the company to its clients.

General Pricing Strategy

We have carried out extensive research and have come up with a very competitive pricing strategy ensuring that all clients get value for money in timely way. By maintaining a reasonably competitive fee and pricing, we provide an attractive and cost efficient solution to support long-term business growth and enable our clients to work with fewer or a single provider.

Analysis of current market rates indicate what the firm will charge on average for its services or commodities, whilst final prices is agreed upon agreement of contract.

We mitigate any credit risk in relation to suppliers and customers through the application of measures such as credit insurance, letters of credit, incentives, fines, and security arrangements such as bank and corporate guarantees. These conditions are stipulated in the SLA’s for both clients and suppliers wherever relevant.

Professional Consulting

Poslo provides only the best in professional consulting services; giving our clients an edge in the various sectors of business. We are dedicated to the success of our clients projects and we give nothing less than 100% commitment to ensuring our clients leave us fulfilled.

Budget Friendly

Despite providing our clients with world class professionalism and efficient service delivery, we do not burden our clients with outrageous and heft service charges. Instead, we work in an extremely efficient manner to maximise services with our clients’ budget.

Worldwide Availability

Our services and products are available to clients all around the world. With our offices in Abuja, Nigeria and in the United Kingdom, we offer services which are seamless, stress-free and without the legal and practical complications of doing business overseas.


    The company was established in 2017 to serve clients in both the public and private sector as a global commodity production, trading, marketing and distribution firm.

    Poslo. is a trading name of Poslo Limited Registered under RC no. 1418407 in Nigeria and 10878354 in the UK.