Our Values

Health & Safety

Health and safety is fundamental to everything we do. The objective of the company as a fundamental part of its health & safety policy is to prevent insofar as reasonably practicable during work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence which may directly or indirectly result in Injury or ill health to any person, damage or loose of any plant, equipment, property, materials or products, delay processes or operation. We are committed to preventing any event which maybe detrimental to efficiency, prestige and cause adverse impact upon the environment.

The policy is applicable to all Poslo employees. This policy will also apply to all persons having responsibilities which relate to and necessitate their presence and the execution of their duties within the areas of our work. These persons include the employees of sub-contractors, consulting practices and clients plus self-employed persons. The company will consider at tendering stage, those factors which help to eliminate injury, damage, and waste.


We believe in leading the way to provide the energy and resources needed now, while building a better world for tomorrow.To reach net zero by 2050, we look to bring pioneering practices to our operations and employ innovative thinking to help build a world that’s more sustainable and inclusive for the communities we serve.

Equality and Diversity

Equality and diversity is at the heart of our cooperate responsibility. We believe this strengthens our operations and provide us with the power to make a change and build a better world for future generations. Innovative solutions require diverse perspectives, different experiences, and novel skills. We remain committed to increasing diversity and creating a workplace where the principles of equality, fairness, diversity,and inclusion form part of the foundation of the services we provide.


    Poslo is a management and delivery consultancy organisation established in 2017. We provide programme and project management services that contributes strategic values to our client goals.

    Poslo is a trading name of Poslo Limited. Registered in England and Wales under RC no10878354.