Sales Strategy And Implementation

Our sales strategy is simple; first offer the customer a superior product or service at low wholesale prices, second ensure that the products are delivered quickly and efficiently. Thirdly, the distribution team must work to create customer loyalty by all means possible.

The strategies we follow as a means of achieving our goals and objectives include embarking on marketing strategies via numerous mediums. We anticipate that so long as our clients are happy with our services, referrals through them will be forthcoming. We also endeavor to always ensure that advises or matters outstanding are dealt with in a timely and effective way to guarantee client satisfaction.

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    The company was established in 2017 to serve clients in both the public and private sector as a global commodity production, trading, marketing and distribution firm.

    Poslo. is a trading name of Poslo Limited Registered under RC no. 1418407 in Nigeria and 10878354 in the UK.